Saturday, June 5

It seems like the only thing that's been on my mind recently
is succeeding in anything, everything that I set and commit
myself too. I so badly want to meet success quickly now that I
have begun trying.

I am blessed.
I've the bestest friend anyone could ever have, and we have
big dreams. I couldn't ask for more.

I have turned a little more positive and enduring.
That after a good decade since I became depressed as a child,
I think I'm finally happy. I forgive you for creating a strong
hold over me, scaring me silent and ruining my childhood. I
think, I want to heal this pain.

Wet, I hope you will let your past go too.
You're the best person I have. We had rough times,
but nothing can ever separate us.
If you're looking for love, God loves us. =)


[BMWJY - 12:58 AM ]


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