Sunday, May 9

I was out for a night ride to drop by Kelin's place to pass on
peace offerings and a bit of love for her birthday. It was nice
to finally see her and catch up after a long while.

Instead of heading AYE for home, I went for a long ride, wind

in my ears, blowing through my face and hitting on my body. I
got faster as I set my thoughts free while I assured myself that
I had moved from the heart wrenching chapter. From now,
regardless of the raised scars that will constantly be on my left,
I am detached from the past to form memories I accept as living.

I found myself at Eu Tong Sen street, close to the familiar and
recent past I embrace with gladness. There came the desire to
ride past the roads and see the people I hate to admit, have
become so much of a constant, that I miss. I don't miss people
often. I went by the parking space and looked above the red
wall into the kitchen, thinking to catch a glimpse of what I was
accustomed to.

I am watching LA Ink. I want to get inked to be persistently reminded

that God is love, greater than love in all other forms.


[BMWJY - 1:20 AM ]


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