Thursday, April 1

Raw And Thoughtful

Regret is pretty much the worst feelings to ever have in place,
regardless of situation or persons involved. I figured that
although I feel upset, I don't regret getting to know you,
breaking through your barriers and ever loving you so
deeply. It's not an easy feat to accept my flaws or love
someone as unlovable as I. I admit that I display a temperament
of an artist, thoughts that many will not comprehend.
I believe you've had issues with my line of opinion countless
times, yet were accepting. You were beautiful the manner you
lived despite occasional upsets which were constructed by the
way I was egoistic, I apologize. But time milds emotions
greatly and priorities shift like the earth shakes. I learnt that
the pleasant experiences we shared, and joyous moments
between us didn't poccess the strength to overwrite the degree
to which you wished you had never met me. It hurt then, and
it still does sometimes. However, I know promises made don't hold detailed
significance at present as compared to then, or perhaps no importance
at all. I did believe in the 2 years and that we'd remain special. I am fine now.
You hope for me to move on, I hope you enjoyed the way we were close
and you'd be free from guilt; most substantially, not regret loving me.
Life'd say I shouldn't give a fuck about what you feel, but it matters inside;
the fact that I blundered once doesn't mean I'm resilient, just sensitive
to the way our lives carry on and how we won't just disappear.


[BMWJY - 6:11 PM ]


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